substitute license

substitute license

Where do I send the documents required to apply for a substitute teaching license through the Ohio Department of Education?

A college transcript will be uploaded to your ODE SAFE account to process your license. BCI & FBI background checks should be sent to ODE and Hamilton County ESC.

What college degree is required for a substitute license?

In Ohio, a substitute teaching license requires a Bachelor’s Degree in any field.

Which type of license should I apply for?

Each license type requires different credentials. The type of license you apply for depends on your current status.

  • Short Term Substitute LicenseMany substitutes that did not earn their degree in education will substitute using this license, which only requires a Bachelor’s Degree in any field. This license does not list teaching fields and allows substitutes to fill any teacher vacancy PreK-12 up to 60 consecutive days for the same teacher. Potential substitutes experiencing delays in processing other licensure types may apply for, and substitute on, a short term sub license as long as they have their college transcripts showing a Bachelor’s Degree was attained.
  • Long Term Substitute License – This license is a good fit for some substitutes. It allows substitutes to work more than 60 consecutive days for the same teacher only within the teaching fields listed on the license. For each teaching field an applicant chooses to place on their license, 20 semester hours of college coursework are required. License applications without 20 semester hours in each teaching field chosen will be denied by ODE with no reason stated. Be aware that the majority of long term assignments are filled by teachers with professional teaching licenses who are either new, returning, or retired educators. This license could be a good fit if you have already been contacted about a long term position. (Link for more info Long Term Sub License)
  • Resident Educator – This is Ohio’s initial teaching license for new college graduates of education programs and are processed through the universities.
  • Professional Teaching – This license is for teachers who have completed their 4 years on the Resident Educator license. Some experienced out of state teachers can apply for this license. See out of state information below. College coursework and an IPDP are needed to apply for this license.

Can I sub on the ODE license I currently have?

That depends on the type of license, and it must be currently active. The Center for Collaborative Solutions allows subs to use any of the following license types: Short Term and Long Term Substitute, Resident Educator, Professional Teaching, Permanent Teaching, Principal or other Administrative license, School Psychologist, and School Counselor. We do not allow substitute teachers to use only a Pupil Activity Permit, Educational Aide Permit, Adult Education Permit, or Student Monitor Permit.

Can I substitute using a license from a different state?

No. Directions for new Ohio residents that hold out of state licenses can be found here.

What does a teaching license cost?

Short and Long Term Substitute Teaching licenses are $25 per year.

4 year Resident Educator licenses are $160.

5 year Professional Teaching licenses are $200.

Substitute teaching licenses are issued by the State of Ohio, not The Center for Collaborative Solutions.

Disclaimer: Regulations regarding substitute teacher licenses are governed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The following statements are guidance which apply to many, but not all individual situations. Click here for ODE’s license application instructions. Questions: 1-877-644-6338.