background checks

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background checks

Why do I need to be fingerprinted (again)?

Ohio law requires candidates for employment in schools to have a criminal records check. The Center for Collaborative Solutions will verify that a records check is satisfactory for hiring. The Ohio Department of Education will verify that a records check is satisfactory for issuance of a teaching license or educational aide permit. For initial employment by any organization, the records check must be no more than 12 months old, even if you are currently working for another educational organization.

What criminal records checks are required for hiring?

Ohio law requires both an FBI and Ohio BCI records check for initial employment.

Can I use a previous criminal records check?

Yes, if it is less than 12 months old.

How can I get a copy if I completed my criminal records check elsewhere?

Contact that organization directly. By law, the hiring organization can only release criminal record checks to the applicant. They cannot be sent directly to another organization.

Where can I be fingerprinted?

Background Checks should be completed by appointment at Hamilton County ESC (513.674.4200) or Clermont County ESC (513.735.8300). Running background checks at a BMV or law enforcement office is NOT recommended as you may have to pay to have them rerun.

Will I see my results?

You can request a copy be sent to you when completing the fingerprinting.

How much does a criminal records check cost?

$55 at HCESC. Local school districts have similar pricing.

Can I be hired before my criminal records check is returned?

The Center for Collaborative Solutions does not hire applicants conditionally while waiting on results.

What is the processing time?

Results can take up to 30 days to process. Though most are returned quicker, the FBI and BCI do not guarantee quick return times.

How often must I be fingerprinted?

Every 5 years with the same employer, or within the last 12 months if seeking new employment.

What offenses disqualify applicants from working in schools?

Disqualifying offenses are listed in the following sections of Ohio Revised Code: R.C.3319.39, 3319.31, and OAC 3301-20-01.

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