substitute eligibility

substitute eligibility

Who can be a substitute teacher?

The Ohio Department of Education will issue a substitute teaching license to applicants holding a Bachelor’s Degree or higher.

Can I substitute without a Bachelor’s Degree?

Applicants without a Bachelor’s Degree can substitute as educational aides / paraprofessionals, food service, secretarial, custodian, & maintenance.

What documents are required in order to substitute teach?

1. A satisfactory criminal records check from the FBI and Ohio BCI.
2. A substitute teaching license issued by the Ohio Department of Education.
3. Necessary hiring forms from the hiring organization.

In what grade levels can I substitute teach?

A substitute teaching license can be used to substitute at any grade level PreK-12.

In what subjects can I substitute teach?

A substitute teaching license can be used to substitute in all subject areas.

What if I don’t feel qualified to teach ________?

Some substitutes don’t feel qualified to teach higher level subjects, preschool, foreign languages, special education, etc. While it’s important to feel qualified, confidence in managing a classroom is far more important than content knowledge for a short term substitute assignment.

Can I be a long term substitute?

Substitute assignments greater than 60 days require a license other than a short term substitute license (see substitute license FAQ linked on home page). Generally, long term assignments require an interview with a principal or other district representative.



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