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Comprehensive Substitute Solutions began service in 2012 with four Greater Cincinnati school districts.  Our mission is to provide cost savings to districts by specializing in the hiring, management, and payroll of substitute teachers, aides, custodians, food service, and secretaries.  Today, we provide this service for 30 school districts in Hamilton and Clermont counties and employ over 1000 active substitutes.

As school districts join our service, we transition their current substitutes to our employment.  Of course, those substitutes remain loyal to the students and staffs with whom they work.  But they also enjoy the additional value Comprehensive Substitute Solutions brings them, such as Aesop support, training opportunities, and assistance in securing more substitute work including potential long term substitute assignments.

Comprehensive Substitute Solutions has quickly grown into a valuable partner for area school districts looking to save money and increase their substitute fill rates.  Our service of non-teaching substitutes continues to grow through a partnership with Rachel Wixey and Associates.  We provide fulfillment assistance for all unfilled teaching and non-teaching assignments by placing live calls in the evenings and mornings to available substitutes.  We regularly consult with our member districts to maximize Aesop efficiency and improve district practices that impact substitutes, including substitute recruitment and retention.

Please contact me if you are interested in beginning or expanding substitute service with Comprehensive Substitute Solutions.

Matt Wendeln
Program Manager
Comprehensive Substitute Solutions

substitute tips

Have an open mind. Be there to serve. Think of your students as your employer. They deserve to be treated with kindness and respect. Be verbal regarding your desire to be there and let them know you care with your actions and words of encouragement.

If you want to get students to be productive and listen, find a way to connect with them. I’ve been in schools where you don’t exist to students. Only after you connect with them on some level do you get the best out of them.

Don’t be scared to tell the kids to stop a behavior, they really do know better. Don’t be afraid to ask a student for advice about how the teacher normally handles a situation. If they are working on a project, allow them some freedom to quietly work together. Smile a lot and be positive.

Be open to sub for intervention (special education) teachers. I never would have gone back to school to pursue a degree in special education if I had not subbed for that position. I thought I wanted to be a first grade teacher. I am now extremely passionate about special education.

Establishing your student expectations from the very start is key to having a smooth day. Students may try to test you as a sub, but if you follow through with what you say and do, they will respect your authority much more.

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Public records requests may be made to:

Greg Hester, Executive Director of Human Resources
Hamilton County Educational Service Center
11083 Hamilton Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45231
(513) 674-4200

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Be a Sub-Ready Sub-Friendly School District

94% of subs say FEELING WELCOME influences their decision to return to a school.

68% of subs say that QUALITY LESSON PLANS are what is most important to their day.

Knowledge of SCHOOL LOGISTICS and EMERGENCY PROCEDURE is 2nd only to quality lesson plans as most important to subs.

STUDENT BEHAVIOR is the MOST IMPORTANT consideration in a substitute’s decision to return to a school.

CLICK HERE to learn more about what you can do to ensure substitutes choose your school.

District Resources

Absence Management (Aesop) Employee Training
Absence Management Guide (Aesop) for Employees
Absence Management (Aesop) Help Center
Active Substitute Teaching License Searches
Long-Term and Building Sub Notification
SubReady School Aesop Attachment
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Office Staff

Brenda Dowers – Substitutes Last Name A-K
Kelly Samad – Substitutes Last Name L-Z
Amanda Grow – Payroll
Twyla Hoyle – Non-teaching Substitutes
Matt Wendeln – Program Manager
(513) 674-4364
(513) 674-4206 fax

Substitute Managers

Twyla Hoyle – East
Melissa Williams – Central
Lauren Faller – West
Kortney Fishman – Clermont

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Comprehensive Substitute Solutions
11083 Hamilton Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45231



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