substitute license

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substitute license

How do I apply for a substitute teaching license through the Ohio Department of Education?

Full explanation and instructions from ODE are at this link. Some things to remember:

  • Use IRN 047324 (Hamilton County ESC) for the superintendent’s signature.
  • Upload official university transcripts to the My Documents section of your SAFE account. ODE has specific rules for transcripts in the above link.
  • BCI & FBI background checks should be sent to both ODE and Hamilton County ESC.

What college degree is required for a substitute license?

In Ohio, a substitute teaching license requires a Bachelor’s Degree in any field.

Which type of license should I apply for?

  • Substitute License – This is the teaching credential used by most substitutes in our employment. After July 1, 2019, there is only one type of substitute teaching license. You will select the teaching field(s) based on your university degree. Selecting a teaching field in which you do not have a degree will delay processing by ODE.
    1. If you have a degree in Education (but not one of the licenses below) select the teaching field “Education Degree – Unlimited Subbing”. This selection is a good fit for substitutes who do not intend to pursue a permanent teaching job, such as retired teachers.
    2. If you have a degree in a subject related to a teaching field (Math, Science, Art, etc.) select that teaching field.
    3. If you have a degree in a subject unrelated to a teaching field (Communications, Social Work, Engineering, etc.) do not select a teaching field.
  • Resident Educator – This is Ohio’s initial teaching license for new college graduates of education programs and is processed through a university.
  • Professional Teaching – This license is for teachers who have completed the Resident Educator program. Some experienced out-of-state teachers can apply for this license. See out-of-state section for more information. College coursework and an IPDP are needed to apply for this license.

Can I sub on the ODE license I currently have?

That depends on the type of license, which must be currently active. Sub Solutions allows subs to use any of the following license types: Substitute, Resident Educator, Professional Teaching, Permanent Teaching, and School Counselor.

State law does not allow substitutes to teach using a Permanent non-tax certificate (for parochial schools), Pupil Activity Permit, Educational Aide Permit, Adult Education Permit, or Student Monitor Permit.

Can I substitute using a license from a different state?

No. Directions for new Ohio residents that hold out-of-state licenses can be found at this link.

What does a teaching license cost?

Substitute Teaching licenses are $25 per year and can be purchased for 1 year or 5 years.

4-year Resident Educator licenses are $160.

5-year Professional Teaching licenses are $200.

Substitute teaching licenses are issued by the State of Ohio, not The Center for Collaborative Solutions.

Disclaimer: Regulations regarding substitute teacher licenses are governed by the Ohio Department of Education (ODE). The following statements are guidance which apply to many, but not all individual situations. ODE’s license application instructions are at this link. Questions: 1-877-644-6338.

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